The Fernando Allen Singers

Fernando Allen is a brilliant and accomplished musician and conductor. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and has distinguished himself in the field of sacred music, receiving countless awards and accolades. He has led the Towson University and Morgan State University Brass and Percussion Ensembles, and the Peabody Conservatory of Music Orchestra. His accomplishments have included establishment of the Fernando Allen Singers, recording albums which have sold in Europe and elsewhere! He collaborated with the renowned Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in performance of Handels' "Messiah", and has conducted performances before Pope John Paul II and through out the country of Italy. Additionally, he received the "Papal Dispensation" from the Pope for outstanding musical contributions to the Catholic Church, a prestigious honor rarely bestowed upon someone who is non-Catholic.

Mr. Allen  offers services in music scoring, marketing, copyrights, music cataloging, and choir performance techniques. He is a master musician, using his keyboard talents in a diverse portfolio of gospel, classical and Negro spiritual music. His superb technical and performance expertise has resulted in substantial demand for his assistance throughout the EastCoast of the United States and beyond. He recently released a CD titled, "Bless the Lord", which displays his talents in arranging, directing, and presenting gospel music. Mr. Allen has a warmth, enthusiasm and exuberance that permeates his musical compositions and his musical performances. Fernando Allen is an exiciting personality who strives for and delivers the best in gospel music and his style and his music typify the African-American religious experience.