The Kings Landing Women’s Service Club (KLW) has played a very significant role in the Greater Baltimore community since its inception. The group was formerly known as the Mohawk Mothers Club. It was founded in September 1964 by Mrs. Margaret K. Ross and Attorney Lena K. Lee. King’s Landing Women was organized for the purpose of providing assistance to the YMCA Camp Director, Mr. Alonzo P. Moss.

KLW engaged in activities and fundraising projects to improve attendance, facilities, and programs at Camp Mohawk (later re-named Kings Landing Camp).  The co-ed camp was located in Huntington, Maryland along the shores of the Patuxent River.  Boys and girls enjoyed a camping experience for a minimum of two weeks per session. For over 50 years the organization has made significant contributions to programs and projects geared toward improving the quality of life for young people, as well as other 

meaningful programs in the Greater Baltimore area.

In September of 1975, the YMCA of Greater Baltimore and the Kings Landing Women joined hands to plan the first Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast. Kings Landing Women were instrumental in getting the initial breakfast started by providing seed monies, rendering service as the subscription committee, initiating and underwriting the speakers reception (held the evening prior to the breakfast) performing the duties of hostesses, and assisting in any other tasks needed to get the job done. 

 The Kings Landing Women’s Service Club has continued throughout the years to render service in the production and promotion of the outstanding event known as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast.



 Goal of the Breakfast:

 An annual event since 1976, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast is sponsored by The Kings Landing Women’s Service Club. It was originally co-sponsored with the YMCA of Central Maryland.  KLW strives to not only commemorate the life of Dr. King, but to bring the community-at-large together in a spirit of rededication and brotherhood. 


  • To perpetuate the celebration of Dr. King’s life and teachings.

  • To educate the public about the continuing need for equality and brotherhood. 

  • To encourage the involvement of government, business and community leaders in the on-going  struggle for civil rights.     

  • To recognize the outstanding efforts of those individuals who exemplify the legacy of Dr. King through their own lives.                               

Historical Background: 

In 1975, the YMCA of Greater Baltimore President Richard Kelly and Executive A.P. Moss

 along with the Kings Landing Women’s Service Club (a support group to the YMCA Resident Camp) began planning for the first MLK, JR. Memorial Breakfast.  

The Breakfast was held in January of 1976 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown 

Baltimore. The Breakfast was intended to bring together representatives from business, government, judicial, religious, academic and the general community.  An organizing committee was formed with representatives from the above groups. 

 It was hoped that Dr. King’s message would live on in the hearts and actions of those that attended the event.  Over the years, the Breakfast has become a significant and well respected tribute to Dr. King in the Greater Baltimore area, generating great enthusiasm and strong attendance.

  Contact Persons:  Linda Hursey, President 410-602-1841  Satrina Lucas, Secretary 443-630-1971